Book your cat’s luxury vacation!

We have two types of boarding


Every cat suite comes equipped multiple levels, cat stairs, wall platforms, and cozy hide outs. There are several different lay out options for the suites to help accommodate cats of all activity levels. For older and/or more relaxed cats we will be offering rooms with only one set of stairs, and a window perch significantly closer to the ground.

For the more active and adventurous cats we have rooms with an additional flight of stairs, and a window perch located higher up to offer a view of the birds and other tree-top residents.

For the anxious, indoor cats we offer one room entirely without a window for a calmer, more isolated environment. The door to each suite will be transparent, offering care staff the opportunity check in on your cat at anytime without causing a bother or any additional stress.

Cats in suites will be offered time out of their individual accommodations every day for solo exploration time in our cat play area. Cats sharing suites will be allowed to adventure together.

For suite bookings there is a minimum stay requirement of 4 days. There is no maximum stay for the suites and bonded cats from multi-cat households can share the suites. For stays longer than 2 weeks we will ask for a 50% deposit.


Each cat enjoying their stay in a multi-room cat kennel will have the opportunity to adventure openly around the boarding area for a short period of time every day that they stay with us. These kennels offer a private litter box room, to ensure that your cat feels comfortable relieving themselves during their stay as well as encourage a tidy place to relax in between kennel checks.

Despite having ample space available to them during exploration time, we still offer expanded kennel layouts whenever bookings allow. We are able to accomplish this due to a special feature in these kennels that allows for a temporary barrier between kennels to be removed, connecting the kennel via a circular entrance to its neighbouring kennel. This means that, though not guaranteed, your cat will have a litter box room as well as two separate relaxation rooms whenever possible.

The multi-room cat kennels are not available to be shared. However, we can open the portal between kennels for bonded cats from the same household so that they can visit each other. There is no minimum stay, but with kennels there is a maximum stay of 7 days.


We understand that your pet’s medical needs are very important. As such we offer a $5 per day unlimited medication administration option.